Jun 4, 2006


6/04/2006 — cori

Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art thou?

I found him...he is Bennett. And he is only four years old.

That sweet boy has stars in his eyes everytime he sees a girl. She could be older or younger, it doesn't matter. What matters is that she is a girl. He gets the most adorable grin on his face. He just can't wipe it off. He will just sit and stare at a girl he thinks is cute.

Now, he has already given his heart to one girl. He fully intends on marrying her in the near future. But...that hasn't kept his eye from wandering.

The other day we were at the pool. When all of the sudden such good fortune fell upon him. Five little girls come giggling in his direction. What luck! Then all of the sudden the all jump into the pool screaming and laughing.

One little girl catches his eye. She is the youngest of the group, probably 4 or 5, and is wearing a purple bathing suit. I think it was love at first sight. Afterall, purple is his favorite color. He just got some new, purple swim goggles that he instantly fastends on and darts over a little closer to his new love. He then proceeds to stand there and stare at the group of girls for probably 10 minutes. I guess he was formulating his plan of action...how best to infiltrate the group.

He has decided that the best course to take would be the 'look like a fool and make them laugh' strategy. So my sweet little flirt begins his routine. He stands in the middle of the group and hits his head with his hand while simultaneously contorting his face into what he believes to be the most hysterical look he can find. The last bit of his act entails him slithering down under the water all the while, hoping the girls are laughing at the entertainment he has just provided.

At least I was laughing...so hard, I had tears running down my cheeks. He was trying so hard to impress these little girls. I thought it was so funny.

Meanwhile, Gavin has no clue that anyone else other than himself and his imagination are in the pool with him. He is spinning webs, flying through the air and snorkling the depths of the ocean. His imagination is vast, enjoys solitude and sees no need for girls.

But Bennett...he LOVES girls. When I was tucking him in that night, we were talking about our day and I mentioned to him, "You like girls alot, don't you Sweetie." To which he gets stars in his eyes and a look of pure joy came across his face. He smiled real big and said, "Yes! I like girls." But then a moment of contemplation came over him and he continued, "I REALLY like girls, but I don't always like their Mommy's and Daddy's. Especially the one's with crinkily hair. But I like Grandma."

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