Jan 13, 2013

A Birthday Circus

1/13/2013 — cori
In honor of Gavin's 14th birthday, we all voted on doing a DUFDN for dinner.  Unbeknownst to us however, was the little known fact that none of us would be hungry for dinner (since we ate lunch at  The Cheesecake Factory) that night, so we dressed up for dessert instead.  The circus was the theme of choice for the evenings festivities.  

First of all, don't you just love the attention to detail I possess in candle matching?  Gavin didn't really care about my lame "1", all that mattered to him was that I followed his explicit instructions on what type of cake I made.  He specifically asked for and received: chocolate cake with a layer of jelly in the middle, covered in chocolate frosting and then sprinkled with chopped Reece's Peanut Butter Cups on top.  Check.  I was able to accomplish this birthday task even having been sick with the flu for a week thanks to my little chef helper, Chloe.

We celebrated long distance with the Grandparents via iChat.  Here's a fun memory of the morning:

We were finally able to achieve this lovely picture after 3 previous failed attempts.  I just love it when things work out eventually.  

And this is the new pride and joy of the birthday boy....his very own Chromebook lovingly given to him by everyone in his family.  He's already uploaded a scientific and graphing calculator as well as a programing tool, building your very own cargo bridge game and Grooveshark - all the important elements necessary for good computing.

Now on to what you're really waiting for....the circus costumes.  

The birthday boy is the Circus Ringleader.  He originally wanted to be the 'Strong Man'.  But seeing as that requires very little clothing and pictures were going to be taken to document the event, I advised him to either give the strong man more than a loin cloth or find a different circus entertainer to emulate.

Bennett chose to be a lion trainer who trains monkeys instead.  It made sense to him.

Chloe is the girl who dances on the back of a moving horse.  Thankfully, we got the horse to stand still for our picture taking purposes.

I am a mimic...or a mime person.  I don't know what on earth they're called.  But the real show stopper goes to this guy:

Chuck the Contortionist.  The costume was made for a 7 year old.  Yep.  He just barely squeezed into it.  He's wowing us with his body twisting abilities in this picture.

We thought finishing up the night watching,  Madagascar 3 - The Afro Circus, (our sub-title, not theirs) seemed rather apropos.  I can't think of a better way to remember turning 14.

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