Jan 12, 2017

A Reflection on 18 Years of Gavin

1/12/2017 — cori

Eighteen years ago
There was no way to fully know
How completely you would steal my heart
On this journey we would start
Together as a new family
When your birth now made us three.

We couldn't imagine what you'd be like
this new human, keeping us up at night.
Making it through the first few weeks
Definitely brought us to our knees
Learning humility, sacrifice, and responsibility
Of caring for you during your fragility.

Together we learned and grew
Wanting to understand what made you, you.
Intense, active, determined and kind
Wishing we could read your mind.
Always eager to learn new things
Excited about what each day brings.

Imaginative beyond compare
In your brain, many worlds lodged there.
The books we would always read
Sparked your deep curiosity
For how the world around you worked
Keeping you always on alert
To learn as much as you possibly could
And share it with me once you understood.

The way you smile with your eyes
Brightens up all our lives.
Your smile is genuine, big, and bright
An outward show of your inner light.
You laugh at yourself with grace and ease
This my friend, makes you free.
Your humble, gentle, sensitive heart
Is the very thing that sets you apart.

Loyal, considerate, smart, and wise
There's so much lurking behind those eyes
The person you are evolving to be
Has left a deep impact on me
With you I learn new points of view
I watch you listen and think things through.
All of life's mysteries I see you ponder
Oh, the depths that your mind does wander.

Logic, math, languages too
These things always came naturally to you.
You learn these skills all by yourself
By watching someone or from a book on your shelf.
There is nothing you will not know
Because your drive and intensity push you so.
The joy of learning was evident in you from the start
You follow your passion straight from the heart.

You showed me how to me a mom,
You've been my teacher all along.
 Listening to your mind and heart
I'm thankful to play a very small part
In raising you to be a humble man
Willing to reach out and give others a hand.
Patient, gentle, cautious too
These are traits I cherish in you.

Always sensitive, polite and kind
Filtering new ideas through your mind
Until they sit upon your heart
As you meditate and do your part
To help those around you know
How they can also learn and grow
And participate in the circle of life
Doing their part to make things right.

Your convictions are the deepest part of you
They're what you contemplate and decide to do
Pursue your dreams with all your might
Yet always remember to never loose sight
Of who you are and where you stand
In this beautiful circle of man
This life is more than just about you
Please remember the outcasts and marginal few
Because when they do well, so do we all.
Do your part, no matter how small.

Being your mom has been my life's joy
Watching you grow to a man from a boy
You've always stayed true to who you are
That is the most important knowledge by far.
Staying true to yourself in this journey of life
Will cause you less stress, fear and strife.
When people tell you what you do is grand
Remember it's on the shoulders of giants you stand.

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