Jul 23, 2010

Brotherly (& Sisterly) Love

7/23/2010 — cori

I believe this type of love must be nurtured and taught. Living with someone 24/7 brings about it's share of frustration...but also equal amounts of joy. Children are naturally very egocentric. We need to look for ways to teach them how to show love to their sibling on purpose and what that love looks like. It's much easier for them to look out for their own needs. But it takes work and looking outside of yourself to see the needs of your sibling (spouse/friend/parent). All that being said, loving one another, genuinely, with actions not just words, is a huge priority in our house.

Each of my sweet people show love differently to us and to each other. It's a beautiful thing to see the individuality in it. Chloe has zero problem with PDA's and is always walking arm in arm or hand in hand with Bennett, hugging and kissing him - she adores him. She also adores Gavin, but recognizes he doesn't like PDA's quite as much. This actually recently bothered her and she told me, "Mom, you know, I just realized I don't kiss Gavin that much." So I asked, "What are you going to do about that?" To which she responds, "Start kissing him more!" I love that innocent love.

That's why today's incident at the pool disturbed her so much. I was on the phone when this happened. Chloe was sitting by me waiting for me to get off. As soon as I did she laments, "Mommy, you see that little boy over there, well he said, 'brothers and sisters are supposed to hate each other." ...and instantly commenced bawling. The thought of that devastated her. She then choked out the words, "Is that true?"

As I held her tight while she cried I assured her that it is not true and that it is sad that this little boy believes it to be true. He must never have seen brothers and sisters love each other like you guys. She seemed relieved to know that her brothers didn't really hate her and that her immense love for them could go on.

I pray they always continue to like and love each other as time goes on. The older they get, the more of their own choice it is...I can only hope we've taught them well enough.

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