Dec 13, 2005

Deductive Reasoning

12/13/2005 — cori

We have just been studying the digestive system. Gavin sits spell bound with rapt attention. He doesn't want to miss a single part of what happens during digestion. It's his 'thing'. He can't get enough about science. As soon as he learns something, he can repeat it word for word. I think he has a tape recorder for a brain. Anyways....

After school he was coming out of some time spent in the bathroom and announced to me that, "Mom, our stomach is like the toilet. All the bad stuff goes in there. Then the water in the toilet is like the stomach juices and mixes all the bad stuff up. Then when you flush it it's like it's going into the small intestine."

Wow. I sat there speechless. To think I spent all this time trying to figure out the best way to teach and illustrate digestion when all along all I had to do was take a field trip to the bathroom and flush the toilet.

I responded as any mother would, "Amazing, Gavin. I like how you were able to correlate what you're learning with an interesting visual. I love how your mind works, Honey!"

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