Jan 31, 2020

Tea and Crumpets

1/31/2020 — cori

This is our life in the winter. The kids come home from school to this. We like to call our little snack "crumpets" just because it sounds all British and formal and silly. But really they're just blueberry scones. We don't even know what a crumpet is.

And it's not as easy as just pouring hot water over a tea bag. Everyone here has their own tea preference. We have descended into pure tea snobbery. Our trip to Murchie's in Canada opened our eyes to what truly delicious tea is and now we are forced to order our own 50 bag box of tea (sometimes I'm so desperate I even pay shipping). How pathetic are we?!

This is what my tea cupboard looks like at the moment. I told you we are tea snobs. But what I love the most is that we can all share it together. We actually enjoy sitting around with our "cuppa tea" and visiting about our day while simultaneously getting all warm inside. Mind you, this happens usually twice a day, sometimes 3 on really cold days.

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