Feb 11, 2010

The Happy Snack

2/11/2010 — cori
We all know I have 'food issues'. There is no blog long enough to describe my food woes. But one thing I've deduced over the years of being me is that there is a direct correlation between the happiness of my head and the happiness of my stomach. Seriously. When my head hurts (i.e. - migraine), it's typically because of something I've eaten. When my stomach hurts, so does my head. Coincidence - I think not.

There are very few food pleasures I have left in this world. I used to be a cookie monster. No longer. Too much sugar. I used to love cake. No more cake. Unless I want a migraine. Sugar doesn't like me. But I like it. I need it, even in the teeniest amounts. It completes my food palate. So, gone are the cookies, ice cream, cake, sweets of all varieties.

But...all is not lost. I have one trick up my sleeve. I have managed to pull a fast one on my stomach and head. And it is called The Happy Snack. You see, the reason I can get away with eating peanuts combined with m&m's is all about the ratio. I must eat two peanuts to every one m&m. I know it's pathetic, but it's all I've got. If I have to sit and count out my snack - so be it. I've found that if I eat enough protein, my head can handle sugar a little better without giving me an instant migraine.

So....I've perfected this snack to a fine art. Normally I eat it with 2 huge glasses of water. But every so often, I pull out the big guns and have it with a glass of Chardonnay. Bliss. Happiness. Contentment. Thus the name...

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