Mar 3, 2008


3/03/2008 — cori

Bennett had a sweet, little friend over this weekend. Evidently, come to find out, this little 5 year old confided in Bennett some 'friend' problems he was encountering on the t-ball field. I had no clue 'sports talk' started this young. From what I heard, Bennett's little friend told him that he didn't know what to do about this 'bully'. So, Bennett searched deep in recesses of his brain and pulled up advice he heard somewhere, sometime. He can't quite remember the source...but I think we should credit either Star Wars or Superheroes in general, since that is the genre of t.v., books and movies he prefers. The simple, sweet and compassionate advice he felt compelled to give his friend was this: "Well...whenever that bully bothers you, just put your cheek up and walk away."

I'm thinking he meant, 'turn the other cheek', but either way, his friend was grateful and told him he couldn't wait to try it out. I just love watching the seeds of friendship grow in little minds and hearts.

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