May 6, 2020

If You Were A Disney Character Who Would You Be?

5/06/2020 — cori
This is what quarantine has done to our conversation. These are the last dregs of conversation in our house. We actually sit around talking about this stuff with all seriousness. And some of us can't just commit to one character. We feel we are more complex than that and can't be limited or defined by just one persona. An astute Disney connoisseur would recognize the fact that all of these characters don't technically fall under the "Disney" umbrella. But it made for a nice title, so I'm sticking with it. I will leave you in suspense no longer:

Chuck probably asks once every few weeks if we can watch this movie. Again. For the 284th time. It never gets old. He still laughs hysterically. And all because of his favorite character: Megamind. In his words, " I just love the story of the bad guy/criminal turning into the good guy. And his penchant for style and presentation." There you have it. I don't think Chuck has ever been a "bad guy" per se. But he does relate to Megamind's 'penchant for style and presentation.'

Chuck feels that Donald Duck is another accurate representation of who he is. He feels that, "he is so persistent … but also very narrow-focused … its just funny to see him trying to figure something out (like a flat tire) and then having everything conspire against him and seeing him just utterly meltdown but also not give up." Yup, that's my husband. And I love that about him!

Who doesn't love Kronk in "The Emperor's New Groove?" Gavin finds him hysterical. He feels that he plays the dumb henchman role perfectly. *Side note: Gavin has never been nor is currently employed as a dumb henchman. He also appreciates the genius of the voice actor. I don't know exactly how this represents Gavin except for maybe his silly side.

Gavin's other favorite character comes from the same movie. He loves Pacha because he is "just a really nice and selfless guy." This is a much closer representation of who Gavin is, always looking for a way to help everybody, smart but not showing it off, can think of solutions to complex problems, and loyal.

Emmett is truly the best representation of Bennett. Even their names are similar. Emmett is famous for saying, "Just tell me exactly what to do and how to do it." And oddly enough, Bennett is famous for saying the same thing. Emmett is a happy, go-lucky, friendly guy. So is Bennett. Bennett says he likes him because, "he’s funnily naive and dumb." Everybody loves Emmett. Everybody loves Bennett.

Talk about being complex. Bennett also associates himself with Maui from "Muana." Of course he does. We all knew that's what he would say before we asked him. He also says, "he is funnily self-centered and he’s just awesome overall." And to think I thought it was the muscles and tattoos.

Apparently Chloe isn't as complex as the rest of us tortured souls. She picked Rapunzel from, “Tangled” and that is it. Not only is there the strong physical resemblance but she says, "she’s caring and loyal but is also searching for something missing in her life." So well put, Chloe. That sums up Chloe in a nutshell. Plus, Chloe likes to stand up for herself and is highly independent, just like Rapunzel.

I see myself a lot like Ariel from "The Little Mermaid." Not that I like to swim or that I used to be a mermaid. But I identify with her idealism, with her naivety about the goodness of the world around her, how she wants to experience new and different things, about wanting to be liked and fit in. However, I have not sold my soul to Ursula to achieve any of these things. Plus, I love to sing (out loud, in my car, music blaring, with no one listening).

Lastly, anyone who knows me would agree. I am Dory. Dory is me. It helps that our names are so similar. I have the worst short term memory. So does Dory. I love to help people - even if they don't necessarily want my help. So does Dory. I love meeting new people. So does Dory (in her case fish).

And there you have it. Now you probably know us better than you ever really wanted to. Thank you, Quarantine, for giving us this little experiment in self-revelation and transparency.

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