May 16, 2014


5/16/2014 — cori
Chuck and I just got back from Heaven.  Long story.  It was actually under the guise of him going to a conference in San Diego and me tagging along, but really, it was heaven.  This was the first time we've been away together in almost three years.  The first time we've flown on a plane together in over 10 years.  Everyone asks how our time was.  How do you describe heaven?  I can only answer that question with adjectives....peaceful, beautiful, sunny, warm, relaxing.  It was a time full of love, no responsibility, no plans, just fun, adoration, sun, having each other's full attention, getting up late, exploring nature, laying by the pool, reading, being overwhelmed with joy and happiness.  It felt more like a honeymoon than a vacation/work-conference.  Here is a very small sampling of pictures that will hopefully tell a better story than my mere words can.

Of the many animals we saw, this little guy 
on Seal Beach cracked me up the most.

These two seagulls were hilarious.  The one bird 
stood on top of the other for at least 10 minutes.

This seagull allowed us close enough 
to her nest to get this amazing picture.

This pelican claimed the sink that the fishermen 
were washing their fresh catches in.  

Just one of the many picture perfect days at the beach.

The architecture in Balboa Park is phenomenal.  
I took at least 20 pictures of buildings, 
but spared you since I'm only posting this one.

Chuck sitting amongst the roots of the 
giant Banyan Tree in Balboa Park.

One of my all time favorites:  The Carlsbad Flower Fields.
50 acres of these beautiful flowers.  I couldn't stop smiling. 

Just one of the multitude of Ranunculus that are grown on this farm.

Another happy picture.

The massive Eucalyptus trees lining the
streets of Carlsbad.

The sounds the waves made as they crashed
off the cliffs were so powerful.  It filled me with awe.

One of my favorite places in the world, La Jolla Cove.

Me and sunsets....we go way back.

Our lazy day at the La Jolla Shores beach.

Chuck deciding whether or not to brave
the freezing cold water.  He did and even 
ended up swimming close to a seal (not the NAVY kind)
Unfortunately, I didn't catch that on camera.

The view from Mt. Soledad, the highest point in La Jolla.

Hairy flowers.

Dr. Seuss looking flowers.  We realized that Dr. Seuss
must have gotten his inspiration from all the flora around 
his home in La Jolla cuz there are many crazy looking 
trees and flowers all over the place.

Chuck surprised me with a dinner cruise.  We sailed around
San Diego Harbor eating a scrumptious dinner and of 
course watching the sunset from the top of the boat. So romantic!

The bridge to Coronado.

The pool at the hotel.

Our last sunset....taken at Dog Beach of all places.  
It was the closest beach to where we were at.  

And of course, these luscious Palm Trees that
remind you that you're not in Minnesota anymore.


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