Oct 31, 2011

A Decade

10/31/2011 — cori

Turning ten is special, I know
I'm always amazed as I watch you grow
In character, stature and grace
All while keeping that handsome smile on your face.
I love who you are and who you're growing to be,
A young man with a tender heart towards God and his family.

You care about others, their feelings and fears
And are a loyal friend by choosing to stay near
To the underdog and downcast, hurt and sad,
Never judging but loving, even those who are 'bad'.
You let your light shine, for that I am proud.
Maybe that's why wherever you are there's always a crowd.

I love watching you learn and teaching yourself
About mythology and birds and anything else
Animal related because you're obsessed
With everything a young zoologist loves best.
You read and you learn and you share your joy,
That's what makes me proud of my 10 year old boy.

One of your gifts is being good with a ball.
It doesn't matter which one, you're good with them all.
There's so much to learn and practice with sports,
Like teamwork and discipline and playing on the court
With a good attitude and a teachable heart
Because that is the place where character starts.

On your journey to becoming a man, 
There will be many you'll learn from who'll give you a hand.
Watch and listen and soon you will learn
About how to make decisions and to whom you should turn.
Stay humble and honest and teachable too.
These three will carry you all the way through.
Remember to be thankful everyday.
These are my reminders to you today.
Put God first in all you do.
This is my heart's prayer for you.

Love, Mom

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