Apr 25, 2005

The 'Translator'

4/25/2005 — cori

My sweet boys came into my bedroom the other morning as they always do, ready to snuggle with Mommy. I love our morning cuddle time. However, this particular morning, I was not expecting the little 'surprise' that awaited me. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with poopies.

The boys come in as normal. But instead of jumping up onto the bed as usual, they both stand there looking at me. Gavin has both of his hands behind his back. That's not so unusual. They are prone to come in dressed as Batman, Dick or SuperGavin - so, I'm accustomed to wierd in the morning. When all of the sudden, out of nowhere, I hear my own voice talking back at me and Gavin is grinning ear to ear.

Gavin then proceeds to inform me of his new "invention". It is called the 'Translator'. It's intent is to gather information from the 'bad guys' while they are talking and then it 'translates' it into our language. It is one of the many tools Batman needs in his crime fighting adventures. Gavin's 'Translator' is a cheap little tape recorder we got him this past Christmas that has never seen much action - that is, until now. It has found its purpose in life and is being used with a passion.

He carries that thing with him everywhere. He hides in a room, waiting for me to say some smart remark and then plays it back at me. Or he'll come to me, with hands behind his back, and ask me some huge, important, life question - of which, I'll have no clue what the answer is and sound ever so smart on his little 'translator'.

If this is for the bad guys, why is it being used on me?

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