Feb 22, 2010


2/22/2010 — cori
Gavin decided he wanted to try using math in the real world. Novel idea. He decided his first project would be finding out how many times we got in the car and drove somewhere. The idea is there, but the details definitely need to be refined (and maybe defined). I did not come up with the title...this was the title he bestowed upon this all important project - spelling peculiarities and all. I love how he tries to use 'scientific (or maybe mathematical) lingo'. I know my first data chart wasn't this good - nor was it a spreadsheet since I had never even heard of that terminology until college.

New Mexico

2/22/2010 — cori

Chloe and I were having a blast working on learning all the 50 states today. We get to New Mexico and we discuss the capitol, the pretty flag and the fact that we'll be driving through that state on our way to California for vacation this summer. She looks at me very weird and says, "Is it different now than in the Old Testament?"

Now it's my turn to look confused. "Ummmm, could you please rephrase that question. I'm not sure I understood it."

"Mom! Is it still like it was in the Old Testament times? You know, in the back thens?"

"Honey, New Mexico wasn't in the Old Testament."

"Mom!!" Starting to get exasperated with me for not being able to read her mind, "All I want to know is if they have hotels or not. Cuz in the Old Testament, they didn't have hotels."

My mind is reeling with appropriate responses. My immediate reaction is to berate myself for not adequately giving my 5 year old a solid historical footing on which to place all her new found understanding. For crying out loud, history is my favorite subject and here is my little learned one combining the Old Testament with New Mexico. Where did I go wrong? Is her view of the Bible that skewed? Does she think if we cross the border into New Mexico we've gone back in time? (That would be cool if it was that easy though.)

I'm able to escape the fog of useless thoughts clouding my brain and am able to reassure my post modern age daughter that we will definitely be sleeping in a hotel while in New Mexico because we are not going back to the Old Testament times, we're just going to California. Rest assured my dear.

This is one geography lesson she's sure not to forget!

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