Mar 8, 2017

On Being Short

3/08/2017 — cori
It has recently come to our attention that we are short now. At least shorter than our off-spring. And in their world, that's really all that matters. We recently documented this during dinner one night.

Chloe and I now look eye to eye. We don't always see eye to eye - but we do look each other in the eyes now. The thing about Chloe - she always does her hair in a bun on the top of her head just to make sure she looks taller than me. Also, she has longer legs than me. Ugh! My bum is the lowest in the whole family. And I have the shortest legs in the fam. I am not excited about this. But this is all I have to work with, so I'm embracing it. Also, Chloe and I share shoes. This will only be a phenomenon for a very short period of time as she is on the up and up and I am (apparently) on the down and saggy.

We like to refer to Bennett as our resident giraffe. He wins the prize for the longest neck in the family. We each have our own gift. Chuck has the best (and only) poofy beard. Although Chuck and Bennett's shoulders are even, Bennett's extra long neck give him the height edge over Chuck. 

No explanation necessary. I'm short. He's less short. End of story.

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