Jul 20, 2018

Caramel Corn

7/20/2018 — cori

Gavin introduced us to the deliciousness that is "The Mix" bag of popcorn. We all devoured it. I happened to only devour the caramel part though. He was noticing this trend. He knew how much I enjoyed this little snack. So he took it upon himself to secretly order me my very own bag of "Just the Caramel Corn" from Amazon. He checked the mail religiously every day waiting to give me his surprise. I cannot even describe how touched I was with this precious gift. Gavin has always been so in-tune with my needs and mood. He was so happy that he thought of the perfect gift for me. And I was happy that he even thought to do it. Now we're both happy with our very own bags of popcorn.

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