Dec 12, 2015

If You Could Get A Tattoo....

12/12/2015 — cori

This was our topic of conversation at dinner last night. Yes, we really did go there. And the answers may surprise you.

Chuck said he would get a tattoo of an icon. Or maybe many icons all in a row. That's his thing. He makes computer icons (not to be confused with Icons from the Orthodox Church). He spends a lot of time thinking about icons, working with icons, critiquing icons. It just makes sense. He just can't commit to where. Would it be around his bicep like those barbed-wire fence tatoos? Or would he keep adding a new tattoo for each new icon he makes?

Not that this is any big surprise, but Bennett said he would get a massive tattoo of a donut on his stomach encircling his belly button. 

Gavin said if he got a tattoo, it wouldn't show. He would have a large dragon down his back and maybe wrapped around his side. 

We didn't really ask questions because this was all hypothetical. Right? At least I was under the impression this was a hypothetical conversation.

Chloe would like to have her name somewhere down by her ankle. We all found this funny. Like, why do you need to tattoo your own name anywhere on your own person, do you plan on forgetting it? Daddy then informed her that most people get someone else's name tattooed on them. But hey, this is her dream and we don't want to ruin it.

I have actually seen this one on a stranger and complimented her on how beautiful it was. If I ever get a tattoo, this is exactly what it would be. ironic would that be if the mom of the family was the first to get a tattoo. Totally unexpected. 


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