Apr 25, 2011

Vernacular Habits

4/25/2011 — cori

If you are Gavin, you read at least 1 book a day, sometimes more. Because of this extensive reading habit of his, he's also acquired, as a side benefit, a monstrous vocabulary. I'm reminded of this every time I speak with him. Not only does it come naturally for him to speak this way, he's also the kind of person who thinks before he speaks (unlike his mother) and contemplates just the right word to express his thoughts. Here are some examples that occurred within the past 24 hours only:

When asked how he was enjoying his time at a relative's farm he replies, "It's a nice environment." What kid says that??

When asked when his ichat with a friend was he tells me, "Well, it's either Tuesday or Wednesday." That didn't make much sense to me, so I continued on with, "How do you know which day?" He answers, "I'll call him at the appointed time on each day to find out." Oh good...the appointed time. I hope your friend knows when the 'appointed time' is.

As he's helping me add trim to some window treatments, "Wow, Mom, this is some strenuous work!" Yes my son, that's exactly what I do all day...work strenuously.. Now if I could just remember that when somebody asks me what it is I do.

I just love this kid.

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