Jan 23, 2008

Best Princess Friends

1/23/2008 — cori

We are two peas in a pod, my little girl and me. She wants desperately to be me. She copies everything I do (with the exception on whining - I so don't whine...okay, maybe a little, but not in a high pitched, sing-songy kinda way). She wants to dress like me, walk like me, cook like me, talk like me, read like me. She's 3 going on 30. Even today she asked me when her prince will come. She just doesn't think she can wait any longer.

It's no wonder she thinks I have all the answers to life's questions. I've been writing down several of the adorable questions she's been asking me of late. Thankfully, these are easy ones that I know the answers to. Princess Mommy to the rescue!

*At McDonald's eating a happy meal. "Mommy does this circle meat make little girls muscle's bigger?" Oh yes, honey. Lot's of muscles from circle meat!

*Driving in the car together running errands. A look of deep contemplation etched in her face. "Mommy, why don't Daddy's get wedgies?" Obviously, she's been having wedgie issues. I recently let her in on the technical term for getting your panties in a wad in your behind. Now, I imagine her looking at everyone wondering if they do or don't get wedgies.

*I just finished a rather serious, frustrating talk with another small, boy member of the family (to remain nameless). I was very perturbed by his choices and my countenance as well as my face were reflecting this mood. Chloe, hating to see me upset, came up to me and asked, "Mommy, is there anything I need to say sorry for?" She thought her apology would make me happy again. I informed her that just because I was upset with her brother, does not mean I'm upset with her. You should have seen the look of relief cross her face. Whew!

*I was cuddling her in the morning and her feet were ice cold. I asked her why she didn't have her slippers on. "Mommy, Lava girl doesn't get cold cuz she's made of lava." Duh! I should have seen that one coming. Sometimes I just don't think.

*Upon seeing a messy room she declares, "Everything rat girl sees is junk." Love the superhero theme, but how on earth did you come up with these names?

*I recently showed Chloe that every time she sees a church, she'll see a steeple or cross. That cross should remind us of Jesus and what he did for us and how much he loves us. EVERYTIME since aforementioned educational moment she yells out, "Mommy! A cross! I LOVE Jesus!....and Santa!"

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