Feb 22, 2014

Belated Valentine's

You know how we roll around here.  Valentine's Day is for our homemade date at the Ghoti Diner, then the following weekend we celebrate by going out - but not together.  Chuck has taken Chloe to the Daddy/Daughter Dance for 4 years now.  This is the highlight of each year for her.  I get to out with two handsome dudes and do dude stuff.  Always a highlight for me.  Thankfully, this year did not include any mirrors
The princess ready to go to the ball.  

The princess and her escort.  When they got to the
venue and got their name tags, Chuck's tag said "Chucky".
He thought it was a joke I played on him since I registered
him for the event.  No, I totally wouldn't do that, but we all
got a good laugh about it!

This is actual height.  I'm shrinking daily. 

We're actually eating food on a date and enjoying it!

Smashburger and boys - what a good combo!

We risked the icy roads and post blizzard conditions to go to our favorite (cheap) theater in Minneapolis to watch "Saving Mr. Banks".  So fun!  I tried to cut Gavin out of the picture, but he would have none of that!


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