Feb 22, 2014

Splendid Snow Snapshots

Beautiful waves in the snow from the wind.

A huge snow bank at the high school.  Once they plow the
parking lot they shove all the snow into this huge embankment that
becomes a monster mountain.  It was Chuck's idea to go there to play
King of the Mountain.

My rocking chair I haven't sat on in 4 months.

Beautiful contrast of colors.  I love that there is still so
much green during the winter.

Ninja having a blast digging through the snow.

The snow is literally past my knees - and this was before
the blizzard that dumped another 10 inches on us.

It was much easier for them to climb this tree that is normally
too far off the ground without the snow.

What it looked like through our family room window the morning after the storm.

I love the sun - in any form I can get it!



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