Oct 16, 2007

Tony Romo

Bennett has been bitten by the football bug. Life will never be the same now. On this, almost his 6th year of life, he has come to the realization that such a game exists. He is attentive through-out an entire 3 hour game. He has even taken to wearing his Dallas Cowboys football jersey on game days - much like his father. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I found this drawing on the white board one Monday morning:

He tells me, "This is Daddy's and my new superhero - Tony Romo!" Of course he is, Honey...why would I think otherwise.


Jennifer said...

Not sure if you forgot it or if Blogger lost it, but there is no drawing to view :) I'll check back later!

Jennifer said...

Nevermind - it's there now!!! Totally weird!!!

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