Nov 26, 2010

Gavin's Apex

I have been doing a little science experiment of my own. It involves Gavin's hair. Since the style right now is long for guys, and Gavin's hair grows out of control rather fast, I thought we could achieve the 'long look' rather well with him.

Apparently, I am mistaken. I realized that it takes more than just the ability to grow your hair fast inorder to have long hair. There is also the 'cool' factor, the 'you-have-to-actually-brush-it-once-in-a-while' factor, the 'awkward phase of growing out your hair' factor and most importantly, the 'gavin' factor.

It would seem that the only reason he thought this whole hair experiment was a good idea was because 1. he hates to get his hair cut and 2. he could care less what he looks like. If Mom says it will look good, then it will look good. Period. He puts a lot of stock in my opinion. Maybe a little too much stock. But I have become rather tired of doing my hair and his hair every day - especially since he is almost twelve.

So, this morning, after yet another cockatoo hair moment with Gavin, I announced, "I think we're going to go back to the 'clean' (i.e. - short) look for you again buddy."

"WHAT??! I LOVE my hair like this! It hasn't even reached it's apex yet!"

Here are some examples of what he loves about his hair:

I'm a little worried about what might happen if we let it reach it's apex.


Jennifer said...

Alex did the long hair thing for about a year - which was as long as I could take it. It was ALWAYS a mess, and I was ALWAYS having to fix it, or gripe at him until I was hoarse to go fix it himself - which was generally by putting on a hat! So, I gave it up and told him that he was going to cut it - there were tears - oh boy were there tears! And then it was cut, and he was happy with it for a bit, but has now stated that he will indeed be growing it back out. Uugghh...I can only handle that flippy-do-curl-at-the-neck-with-matching-flippy-do-curls-at-each-ear phase for so long without losing my mind - or what part of it I have left!!!

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