Jan 11, 2012


You’ve entered the threshold of becoming a man,
It's easy to see by how tall you now stand.
But its not just in height that you have grown,
Its also in the mature choices and character you’ve shown.
Your hands and feet have grown bigger than mine,
Seeing all these changes just blows my mind.
Because I still see the baby I brought home,
Who couldn’t do anything all on his own.
As we spent time learning and growing together,
Our hearts became entwined together forever.
You still laugh the same way you did when you were two,
It was “the howler monkey” we used to call you.
All through the years you’ve given us such joy,
Watching you grow to a man from a boy.

Your journey’s not over, you have so much life ahead,
This day marks a new phase instead.
An older, wiser, more responsible you,
Growing each day in God’s wisdom true.
Lean on Him always and He will be there,
To teach, comfort and guide you when others don’t care.
Give Him your future to hold in His hands.
Afterall, He’s the one who made you and knows the plans
He has for you in this life you live.
He knows your gifts and wants you to give
Your joy and love and knowledge away.
This will bring a smile to your heart each day.

Be thankful for hardships that come your way,
Use them to teach you how to pray.
And trust God to show you what to do,
This is what growing up will look like to you.
We will always be here to give you guidance and love,
Praying and thanking the Lord up above
For the gift He gave us in this little boy
That’s growing to a man and giving us joy!

Love, Mom


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