Jun 12, 2013

Talking Text

Bennett is a changed man.  At least he feels that way now that he is the brand spankin new owner of a his very own cell phone.  He keeps telling me, "Man, I feel so responsible now that I have a phone."

He loves texting me (or anyone for that matter).  I get texts all the time.  Now he's even talking to me in person like he's texting me.  Here's an example of some of our random conversations:

Me: Bennett, would you mind doing those dishes for me, Honey?"
Bennett: NP Mom.

Me: Telling a funny story at dinner
Bennett:  LOL Mom!  That is so funny!

Me:  Bennett, how do you like that food?
Bennett:  Not so good.  HA! JK Mom

He sure had us in stitches at dinner last night talking text to us.  Never a dull moment.



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