Mar 7, 2005


The boys and Chuck and I were all in the boys' room playing Transformers tonight having a lovely time. We were looking through the pamphlet that comes with the toy that shows all the other Transformers there are that we can spend our money on. Then we noticed that we had yet to read the intriguing story they also include in the pamphlet. What an oversight! We always read the story right away - how could we have missed this one! Well, we immediately got into formation to read the nail biting story. That's when it all happend....

As I go to lay in the ever so comfy position on the floor squeezed between the bunk bed ladder and Bennett, I begin to realize there is not enough space for Gavin to cram himself in (as he is currently doing). So, Bennett starts pushing him and inadvertantly pushing on me as well as I'm being pushed against the ladder. I think you can deduce that my patience level and mood are both declining rather quickly. But once I get a little body laying across my face I officially loose it. That is because I still have my glasses on and they have just tried to take on a new form.

I push Bennett off of me a little too quickly and vent my frustration a little too loudly and the poor kid ends up in tears. I leave the room to tend to my glasses and end up just around the corner. I hear Chuck and Bennett talking and its the sweetest thing. Of course Bennett felt that I was mad at him, so I knew I was going to have to go back and apologize, but Chuck was trying to explain to him why Mommy got so frustrated. Then Bennett tells Chuck, "But I like Mommy. I tink Mommy boo-ti-ful!". I got tears in my eyes and realized a pair of glasses are nothing compared to the love of my child.

Bennett comes around the corner to find me sitting there and tells me what he just told his Daddy and we have a wonderful time talking and loving on each other. We both apologized for how our actions caused each other hurt and promised to look out for each other's glasses (cuz he said the same thing happens to his sunglasses). :)

To think my son thinks I'm a compliment!


Charlie said...

I'm learning these lessons the easy way - by reading your blog, rather than learning them the hard way - by having kids of my own.

cori said...

I'm glad somebody's learning lessons around here. :) Thanks for the input - I had no idea anyone but me and my husband read this site. :)

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