May 21, 2005

My Husband

None of these "comical or adventurous episodes" could be possible if it wasn't for my wonderful, sweet, supportive husband. I live my dream because of him. Ever since I was little, all I ever wanted to be was a wife and mommy. I have my dream job and couldn't imagine life any other way. Thank you, Baby!

Sure, financially we could have so much more if I worked outside of our home. But I don't really want more things. I'm afraid I would be spending all my time looking at my things and not enjoying what matters most to me. My Husband. My Children. I might not get paid with money for my job. What I get is worth more than money...the trust of my children, the peace in my home, the joy in my heart and the knowing that my family's needs are met and I was able to be there to meet them.

Not a day goes by that my husband doesn't affirm me. He doesn't place any expectations on me. All he wants is for me and the kids to have fun each day. That is not too lofty an expectation for me to acheive. He never complains if the house is dirty or dinner isn't ready (or not even thought of) when he gets home or if he has no clean undershirts. And he's already accepted the fact that he has superior ironing skills and that he is the 'all-time ironer' in this house. He is the most wonderful Daddy, too. He cherishes his children! He's never too busy for them or never puts his own wants (a new computer) over their needs (karate classes). I love watching him 'daddy'. We are such a team when it comes to this whole parenting thing.

Since he is a designer, he often gives me the most AWESOME screen-savers, web-pages or Power Points as little thank you's or love notes. I find that terribly romantic and thoughtful. That he would take all that time to design something so special just for me. I get flowers when least expected and little post-it notes around the house. Could I be more loved? I think not!

I don't know what he really sees when he looks at me...but I still feel like the same little 16 year old who fell 'in-like' and then in-love with him. I feel like I'm still 16, just playing 'grow-up' and 'house'. I don't feel like I thought grown-ups were supposed to feel. I still feel like a kid and I KNOW my husband does too. Maybe that's why life is so, so fun.

He's taught me so much! How to make the most of every moment (Carpe Diem), how not to take life and myself so seriously, how to accept and give love. He's taught me that life is simple and that it's fun to play and okay not to be efficient all the time. He's taught me humility and what it means to remain teachable. He's shown me what the definition of self-sacrificing means. Just so that he can spend more time with his family, he will go in to work at 4 in the morning to put in his over-time. He's shown me that giving forgiveness is better than having to be right all the time.

My heart is bursting at the seams right now with thankfulness for him and this is my way of 'shouting it from the roof-tops'. Thank you Baby! I love you perfect!!


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