Aug 18, 2005

Lick the Lid

Bennett, Bennett, trusting you are my sweet son. As we were eating our dinner tonight, we all had the need to spice up our food a bit with a tad more pepper. The pepper shaker started with Gavin, was passed to Daddy, moved on to Mommy who then handed it over to Bennett. Bennett was able to successfully season his food and it still be edible. However, none of us were counting on what happened next.

Chuck & I had just both taken a bite of food, so our mouths were full and we were unable to stop Gavin and he encouraged Bennett to, "Lick the lid Bennett. Go ahead, do it." Without even hesitating he heartily gave the pepper shaker lid a wet, slobbery lick. Our pepper shaker has a nice flat lid, probably about 2 inches in diameter. It has years of pepper build-up on it since I never think to clean it. Poor kid. He instantly scrunched up his nose and said, "How do I make it go away?" Unfortunately, by this time, we were all laughing too hard and choking on our food to answer.

Eventually, I was able to bestow on my poor child some deep wisdom in how to resolve his pepper tongue syndrome. I told him to go lick some bread. Which he did. I later ended up putting some butter on it to also help ease the pain. I buttered the bread, not his tongue. He was such a trooper though. He never complained. He laughed with us, even though we were laughing at him.

After dinner we treated the kids to an ice cream sundae at McDonald's. He informed me that this treatment worked better than the bread and he almost didn't taste pepper anymore.


Jennifer said...

So, did you tell Gavin that it was his turn to lick it next?!?! I think I would have found some other spice in the cupboard for him to try out :)

Not really...but I'd want to! I think I've been around Michael too long...

Marieke said...

Oh my goodness, that is too funny!

And I think the idea of telling Gavin to lick some other spice lid is a good one! (just kidding!)

your kids sound too cute!!

Darcy said...

LOL. Oh he sure is a character!!!! I agree with him tho...Ice cream is a much better source of comfort than bread and butter! :)

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