Jan 4, 2007

My Princess

Chloe announced to me today that she is now a princess, "I am be real pinsess, Mommee." Wonderful. I thought I'd see how far her imagination would take us, so I asked some very pertinent princess questions, such as:

"What does a real princess do all day, Honey."

"Prawbe (probably) I go visit people."

"What do you say when you visit people?"

"Prawbe I say, 'hi'. Prawbe I cook for dem. Yes. I do."

All this while she is gently pushing the random strays of very fine blonde hair out of her face with both hands. She looks so matter of fact about all this. She does have her special pink high heel shoes on after all - what else does one need to be a real princess?

"Prawbee I hep (help) people all day yong (long). Yes, I am be real pincess. Me have baids (braids). Me be yight back Mommee." She takes such pride in her newly acquired role. She even deemed me a princess too. I'm so lucky to have my very own pink princess!

It is interesting that she has taken to making her princess so proper. She used to don her beautiful princess dress, pick up her purple light saber (a gift from the boys) and run around the house yelling, "Pincess dirl, pincess dirl" and making swooshing and flying noises - all no doubt because of her brothers' superhero influence in her life. It's so nice to see her becoming more genteel.


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