May 7, 2007


Today, Chloe got a prize in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa. She was filled with anticipation and glee as she peaked into the bag to see what prize could possibly await her little eyes. She pulled it out and exclaimed, "A Bay-el dress!" That would be Belle (only with a Texas accent) from the famed and much adored Beauty and Beast movie. But then the realization hit her instantaneously and she declared, "But I don't have any shoes to match!"

Yep - she is all girl through and through! Upon putting on her new gown, she immediately adorned herself with a matching, plastic, gold beaded necklace. A Bay-el bracelet and the most shimmery yellow stick-on earrings she could find. She reluctantly put on her pink 'pincess' shoes, even though they didn't match. They'll work for now. Bennett was even quite the gentleman and lavished her with compliments such as, "Look Chloe, the dress even matches your hair. Everything on you is yellow!" She glowed in the light of his recent observations and even added an extra bonus feature, "Yes. And my boobies and yellow too!"

You can't teach skills like these. You've got to be born with them. I can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that my daughter truly appreciates how important the accessories can be and what value they add to an outfit or a home. It's in those small touches, you know. The details. If Chloe is nothing else - she is detailed. Excuse me, but Chloe and I must now go out and buy some yellow "pincess" shoes to match our yellow "pincess" gown.



Anonymous said...

Ashley and I got a laugh reading about little Miss Chloe. Yes, you definitely don't teach those skills. Girls know they are girls and boys know they are boys from day one. My son convinced me of this when he was little and surrounded with girl toys, he decided on the Barbie car, which in his little hands was a racing car that went "VRRRM, VRRRM".

Jennifer said...

I'm assuming that the prize was a gift for little Ms. Chloe's 3rd birthday?!? Can she really be 3 now???? Geez, it seems like just yesterday that we were reconnecting and I was seeing your little pregnant pooch for the first time. Time has flown by... Hope you found the perfect yellow 'pincess' shoes :)

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