Jun 30, 2007

Wedding Worries

Last weekend we attended a wedding. I had no idea the impact this would have on my children. Chloe just wanted to dance. She couldn't understand why we weren't dancing the moment we got to the church. She had on her 'tap shoes' (black patent leathers), therefore, she was there to dance. However, seeing the pretty white princess (a.k.a, the bride), calmed her down just a bit. But then she got to thinking about it and all she wanted to do was dance with the princess and she wanted to do it now. I'm afraid I put just a tad too many happy tales of dancing at the wedding into her susceptible little brain and failed to pass on the solemnity of the event preceding the reception.

Bennett was a hoot! That kid is Mr. Romeo. However, on this special night, he only had eyes for me. I wore my special, little black dress that is reserved for special dates with Daddy to places like the symphony where you get to dress up. I've never gone on a date with Bennett in my fancy, black dress before. You would have thought I put it on just for him. He didn't take his sweet, little eyes off me all night. He tried to sit next to me whenever possible so he could put his arm around my shoulders. He would wink at me from across the dinner table. When asked by other pretty grown-ups if he would like to dance with them, he replied, "No, I'm only dancing with Mommy tonight." and he'd look at me and smile.

Dancing with him was hilarious. You would have thought I had a magnet in my tummy and his head had the other magnet in it. He would lay his head, actually press his head is probably more accurate, against my tummy and just look up at me as we rocked back and forth to various tunes. He also placed his hand securely on my back side - again, another magnet issue, I think.

Then there was Gavin. The surprise of the night. He's highly confident, yet doesn't show it, a huge planner, a have-to-know-how-to-do-something-before-he's-taught-how-to-do-it kind of kid. Very meticulous. He doesn't necessarily have anything against girls, but he doesn't really notice them. So, you can imagine our surprise when out of the blue, as soon as the bride walks out the back door of the sanctuary, he exclaims, "Now I'm really worried!"

"What on earth could you be worried about right now, Gavin?"

"Well...I don't know who I'm going to marry yet. I don't know who I'll invite or where it will be."

He's dead serious too. This scenario obviously never presented itself to him before and and now he is forced to think this whole thing through right here and now. And it gets even better. We get to the reception hall and see the wedding cake. Gavin is speechless at it's beauty. It has a waterfall in the middle of it! Could a cake get any cooler?! Gavin doesn't think so. As, the servers are cutting the cake, he leans over and whispers to me, "Mom, can I go up there and ask them if they'll save that waterfall for my wedding? I REALLY want it!"

I told him, "I'm sure they'll make even cooler waterfalls by time he gets married." I guess that will help him narrow down his choice in brides. The one who goes for a waterfall on the cake must be the one.


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