Aug 1, 2007

Ode To The Rocket Washer

Your memory, I shall always hold dear
because you left me partially deaf in one ear.
I shall also miss your lovely dent
It reminds me of what you cost me in rent.
To keep you in storage for months on end
Unaware that you were needing a mend.
My new machine will not have a screw driver to keep it in place
How could something so perfect compare with your unique face?
I shall also miss the panic attack you caused
Just because you were doing your job.
What will I hear during my wash days now?
The hum of a new wash basin will calm my nerves, how?
It was nice while it lasted, my noisy friend,
But now you have met the very end.



Jennifer said...

So does this mean that you've gotten a new washer??? :)

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