Oct 27, 2007

Stinky Lips

Every morning when my dear, darling daughter comes to snuggle in bed with me the first thing I'm greeted with is, "Mommy, you have stinky lips."

Thank you, dear, for stating the obvious. And every morning, we have to explain why our "lips" stink, even though we brushed our teeth before bed. I think stinky lips sounds more appealing that bad breath anyways.

Of course, Chloe is immune to the stinky lip syndrome. She can't possibly imagine herself, a 'real mommy' and 'princess' ,ever having something so yucky as stinky lips.


kayINSPIRED said...

Yep, gotta agree ... stinky lips tops bad breath ... don't worry, when she grows up and realizes she has it too ... you can always return the favor. Lol!

Jennifer said...

That is hilarious :) You should keep Altoids by the bed and right before she comes running in, stick one in your mouth to see if she notices the difference!

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