Dec 16, 2007

Bennett's Future Employment Options

So...we were doing our typical morning cuddle when we got on the conversation of what Bennett wanted to be when he grew up. He answers me with, "Well, I can tell you what I'm NOT going to be...a baker or a cooker. Cuz if I was that I'd eat all the cake I made and never give it to the people." Good point. What else is there? "And I definitely don't want to be a bowling teacher." Alrighty then, anything else? "I think I want to be a football player." I'm sure you'd make a great football player, honey. "But if the coach asked me to eat yogurt on the field, I'd have to say 'no'." You gotta put your foot down on certain issues, Bennett. I'm glad you realize that early on.

Cuddle time conversation never ceases to amaze's filled with humor, creativity and randomness...wait a is my life!


Jennifer said...

Good thing he doesn't want to be a bowling teacher...I don't know if he has the patience for it :)

Katrina said...

I love hearing what goes through their minds! So adorable. I'm glad you're writing this stuff down to share later!

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