Dec 27, 2007

Christmas Fun

Last night we thought we'd institute the "Dress Up for Dinner Night" rule again. The children couldn't have been happier. With all the creativity we could muster, we finally decided on a theme....Christmas. Highly original for this time of year...but actually, it doesn't really matter what theme we give to it, the kids will always come down in some crazy outfit that leaves you wondering whether or not they comprehend the English language. A visual aide might better enlighten the reader regarding our lack of creative flair.

You will see two of our offspring clad in bathrobes. Bennett, or, when in character prefers the name "Ernie", is your run of the mill elf (with underwear on his head) and your typical elf make-up. The one leaning against the wall is not pregnant, nor is he trying to impersonate Mary. He is in fact Santa. He said he couldn't find his bright red underwear, so he opted to don a green Santa hat instead. When asking Chloe what type of Christmasy get-up she was, all she could do was respond, "Pink Princess". I have a sneaking suspicion she might be a pink princess every time we do this. You will have no trouble locating the snowflake in the bunch. I thought the doily on my head was the perfect touch. Notice the white make-up so deftly applied as to appear to look as if snowflakes have landed on my face? A true artistic flair. And then you have the leader of this motley crew - the ornament. He thought long and hard and came out of the closet with a hanger on his head. I had to encourage him to add a hat and gloves in order to make the ornament a slight bit more festive. And there you have it. Another lovely night in the Mallott household. But that was just the beginning. We ended our night of festivities with a fun game of Twister.


Jennifer said...

Don't expect any creative flair in this house during your visit. I'm doing good to get food on the table and everyone sitting down :) There are toys from here, there, and back again, so the rule is to 'look before you sit' just in case you dare to put your booty on something sharp! But, I certainly loved the snowflake can tell that you've obviously experienced a while Christmas...snowflake and Christmas don't go together in my brain :)

kate said...

I love your dress up dinners!! I totally want to do that when the girls get a little older!

Heather said...

You know you do this because secretly it's you and Chuck who love the costumes. I seem to recall a Christmas party several years ago with both of you wearing cardboard boxes?

cori said...

Heather, you couldn't be more right about that! You know us well. :) We even took out the pictures to show the kids and all had a good laugh. Remember the Holy Night (a.k.a. Holy Knight)?

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