Jan 6, 2008

My Personality

This is a conversation that I just had with my eldest child. He was trying to compliment me, but I'm not so sure it comes across that way.

Gavin: "Mom. I really like your personality. It's very unique. One minute you're angry and the next minute you're happy. That's nice. I don't really know too many people like that."

Me: "What exactly is it that you like about my personality? The happy part or the angry part?"

Gavin: "I like it all."

Me: "So, are you telling me that I'm angry alot? Or do you think I'm happy more often than not?"

I do not think he was ready to analyze his statement to the depth I was wanting to go. So I let it drop. But inside I'm thinking to myself....mmm, lovely personality Cori!! Most people would refer to it as, Manic Depressive or PMS or crazy or hormonal. I've never heard anyone call it unique or even say they like it.

At least he tried. I'd rather hear that any day instead of, "What's your problem?" At least he made me laugh and helped swing my lovely personality pendulum to the other side - you know, the happy one.


Katrina said...

Maybe he was trying to say that you're not boring. :) It's funny trying to decipher what our kids think of us from the things they say. I often hear "my" voice coming out of my daughter Katie when she's talking to her little brother. It's a trip!

Kate said...

Cori.. that is the funniest story ever. Someday he'll realize that your "personality" is more of a commonality among women. I know I have that personality.

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