Feb 3, 2008


Yesterday, Bennett came running into my room, ready to claim the coveted 'next to mommy spot' for cuddle time. It seemed he had a question looming on his mind all night and couldn't wait to ask me. This was it: "Mommy, in heaven are we going to have those yellow lines around our body and be all glowy?"

I couldn't tell if he thought this was a good thing and wanted to have yellow lines around his body and be glowy or if it was a bad thing in his mind (like maybe be a hindrance to heavenly play or something), so I told him that since I've not been to heaven yet, I wouldn't be able to accurately answer his obviously well thought out question. But I told him that if he's seen that in pictures (where else would he come up with such descriptive ideas?) that it was what other people only imagined it to be. Then we came up with our own imagination of what it will be like.

What a beautiful way to begin the day....imagining heaven.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little man and how great is his imagination.


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