Feb 7, 2008

I Love Phonics!

My dear, sweet Romeo (Bennett) just came up to me with stars in his eyes and the cutest grin ever to tell me how much he loved me. But not only did he tell me how much he loved me, he even spelled out what he thought of me. He said, "Mommy, you are B-Y-O-O-T-F-O-L-E !" How did I get so lucky?! He swaggered away with pride bursting through his chest. He knows he just made his mommy's day. I sure do love my little speller!


Jennifer said...

Aw! How cute :) My mom kept some of the things that I had written to her, all spelled phonetically; some of the things I couldn't figure out because they were a little too phonetic! I still spell that way every now & then (my disclaimer in case you see very many misspelled items in my blogs or comments!). :)

kate said...

I think I definitely need to have a boy so he can be all enamored with my beauty!!! Bennett is so cute!

Katrina said...

That is adorable!

Jennboree said...

How very sweet! There's nothing quite like a boy's love for his mama.

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