Mar 4, 2008

The "Other" World

"Hi Mom. Marsupial Garfbull would like some cornelius abstract with that please."


"Actually, if I don't get some ketchup soon, I might get earwax disease."


That is my son, Gavin and I having a lively conversation about his "other" world. Often times, I have zero clue which world he is in when he begins a conversation with me. I am easily confused, highly gullible and have horrible short term memory. And you can bet they use all these lovely traits against me and for their benefit more often than not.

So, back to that little nonsensical conversation...Marsupial Garfbull is Gavinworld language for Gavin Eddy (that would be my son, I assume). He likes salt. He evidently likes it so much he gave it a little, pet name...that would be "cornelius abstract". Between Chloe calling pepper "black salt" and Gavin referring to it as cornelius abstract, I get a little confused and tend to give blank stares allot when I'm being talked to.

After asking multiple questions (which is exactly what he wanted me to do...I just played into his little mind game like a circus monkey), I learned many other (useless) facts such as: ketchup is the highest rank of foodstuffs and includes candy, sugar and salt. You can only get earwax disease at 16, but eating plenty of ketchup keeps it at bay. Oh yes, and if you're ever in need of wood that rebuilds itself after being destroyed, you can find that as well; just be sure to ask for tartanium during your little visit to Gavinworld.

I'm just sitting here contemplating how much imagination is too much. This "other world" is all fine and dandy, but when will they return to MY WORLD - the REAL WORLD? I don't know Gavinworld language yet. I can't keep all the Star Wars characters straight along with appropriate powers and light saber colors. I'm not even smart enough to understand, let alone speak 'pig latin' and I actually took Latin in high school. I never know which world they're in when they talk to me. I'm treading new waters here. This was never in any of the parenting books I read when Gavin was 3 months old. I guess there's just some things parents are better off not knowing from the get go.


Jennboree said...

Kid Speak. Starts early and never really goes away! My brother can still talk over my parents' heads and he's 26!

I love when children have a vivid imagination but I too wonder sometimes if there should be time limits for it. Nah.

Katrina said...

Kids with rich fantasy lives often take that creative, out-of-the-box thinking with them into adulthood. They make great problem solvers and writers and artists. What a blessing! It's so fun to peek into that "other world", isn't it?

Kelly said...

What have you done to develop his imagination? I'm so afraid my kids won't have that!

cori said...


Nice to meet you, first of all. My Mom has shared you site with me and it is a joy to read about your journey.

As for the imagination...I think that is something all kids are born parents we have the wonderful job of either helping it grow or squashing it. Reading aloud to your kids and giving them lots of free, imaginatio play time have helped my kids imagination seem to grow like wildfire.

Imagination killers are too much tv, too many activities and not enough down time, too much video games and little to no reading (on their own or together).

That's just my experience. Each child is unique and God will give you the wisdom you need for each day you get to spend with you precious children. Afterall, He loves them even more than you do and He knows what they need and what will bring them into the fullness of their personality.

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