Apr 16, 2008

Towels of Joy

Just wanted to show you the beautiful sight I beheld as I walked into my bedroom yesterday. I had asked Bennett and Chloe to empty the towels out of the dryer, fold them and put them on my bed. That is exactly what they did! :) I was so tickled, I had to take a picture right away. This sight made my heart sooooo happy! I'm sure Bennett also instructed Chloe in the finer art of proper towel folding.

I used to be one of those people that was so anal about getting all my laundry and house cleaning done all in one day with all the laundry folded and put away before night fall. Ha!!! I soon realized that those expectations were far from realistic (the more my household grew in numbers). I no longer deceive myself with such lofty goals. I might even at one time have gone back and refolded all the towels. But then I would miss out on the smile it brings me every time I open the closet door and reach in to find such a beautifully and creatively folded towel.

Life is more than neat stacks of folded laundry. It took years for God to get me to the point to admit that and now that I can...boy, does it feel good!


Jennboree said...

What a sweet sight! My husband loves when Bella folds his t-shirts even though she actually rolls them into a ball, then smashes the ball down creating an impressive display of wrinkles on the shirt :)

Isn't it amazing what clarity our children give us about really living life?

Katrina said...

I am learning to let go of the "perfect" way to do household chores, as well. Katie and Caleb have a heart to help, and I'm trying to encourage that, even when it means broken dishes and messy dresser drawers. Great post! (And Jenn's comment made me laugh!)

Jennifer said...

I haven't yet gotten to the point of letting the kids fold things, but they all help with the laundry, in one way or another. All of the kids make a game of tossing all of their dirty clothes down the stairs and getting them to my room for sorting; Morgann helps me sort (darks, lights, jeans, and whites) while Ian just diggs through for the socks (whites); I wash and fold, then everyone, including Ian gets their respective pile of folded clothes and heads upstairs to put them away. Maybe I'll learn to 'let go' of the perfect (I will admit that I am a re-folder!), but for now, I'm content to let them perfect their current jobs :) And, when I go into their rooms to pull something out, I might just restack the pile - some things just don't come easily to me!

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