May 31, 2008

Motley Crew

Just in case you were wondering, Dress Up For Dinner Night is still alive and well. Last night was no exception. Since my parents were in town visiting, they knew to expect our shenanigans. I think they worried about their costume from the moment they arrived almost two weeks ago. But they needn't fear, they donned their costumes with pride and helped make last night's escapade that much more fun. Last night's theme was toys...however, I'm afraid we all chose character toys (except Chuck). Words are no longer necessary. I believe the pictures speak loud enough.

Grandpa - aka: Darth Vader (in summer attire - note: Grandpa did all his own artwork...impressive)

Grandma - aka: Fancy Nancy (from the self titled book - I'm thinking Grandma looks a little too comfortable with all the bling)

Chuck - aka: a Rubik's Cube (or as we lovingly referred to him as: the blockhead)

Myself - aka: a pirate action figure (supposedly I'm a fictitious character from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" which I've never seen - I'm a little scared by how closely I resemble Johnny Depp)

Gavin - aka: A Samurai warrior (notice the aptly placed pony tail - a true sign of such a menacing warrior)

Bennett - aka: a vampire (not that we have any toy vampires lying around the house but....this was his third costume of choice; he also considered a soccer ball and a ninja but eventually settled on a vampire)

Chloe - aka: Padme (from Star Wars - obviously, she puts a lot of effort and importance in the face paint)



Jennboree said...

I love when you have Dress Up For Dinner Night! I can't show Bella yet cuz she'd want to do it and that would mean I'd get the pleasure of making everyone's costume. Soooo we'll hold off a few more years. One day though. ONE DAY!

Totally makes sense that Darth would have summer attire w/ flip flops seeing how he wears so much black.

You DO resemble Johnny Depp! Fortunately, he's pretty.

Jennifer said...

Corinne, your costume was absolutely hilarious, and I loved the menacing look on your face at the table :) I'm so glad that Dress Up for Dinner Night is still alive & well at the Block Head's house! You guys are absolutely hilarious....tell dad the flip flops really made the costume, will ya! Mom just looked like mom - I agree, she looks very comfy in her costume...makes you wonder what she does all day when she's left to her own devices, doesn't it?!?

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