Jul 28, 2008

Lawn Mower Man

Right this very moment, my lovely bunch of children are all playing happily together. I should be glad right? Well...actually, I'm a little concerned. The reason being, Bennett has just invented a game - on the spot it seems - and it is called "Lawn Mower Man". This is the premise of the game (from what I've gathered by listening to them run, laugh, scream, and generally sounding like a bunch of elephants have invaded the upstairs level of our home). There is a lawn mower, his name is "Whistling Pete" and he loves to mow his lawn everyday and whistle while he mows. But whenever he sees kids in his yard, he tries to mow over their feet. In place of a mower, the kids are using Chloe's doll stroller. "Whistling Pete" lies in wait for his poor, unsuspecting subjects to pass his way. All the while, the children yell "Whistling Pete" - which sounds more like "whistle and pee" - as a taunt. This somehow incites Whistling Pete to jump out of his hiding place with his mower and chase down the unruly kids in his 'yard'. For whatever reason, this game brings much laughter, screaming and teamwork for my children. Should I be worried? You only lose once your feet have been run over 3 times. Forget Milton Bradley - we've got Bennett to entertain us and pull a game out of his hat whenever the need arises.


Jennboree said...

I used to be concerned about the pretend blood and death that my own darling creates with her princesses but now I just encourage her to have one princess doctor on the scene.

I do love Bennett's imagination...as do his siblings, it seems! Who needs TV? He's saving you electricity costs. Giving back. That's what it is all about. hehe

Katrina said...

Wow, creative! I remember playing similar games of mayhem and destruction when I was a kid--I can assure you it was all in good fun! My siblings and I even had a sort of running contest for "best pretend death" in our games of make believe. I think (I hope!) it's normal.

Jennifer said...

Such a vivid imagination! Wonder where he gets that from?!?

And, are you sure it isn't really "Whistle & Pee"? I like that title better :)

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