Aug 11, 2008

Career Paths

Bennett has just had an epiphany - he now knows what he's going to be when he grows up.

Drum roll please.....

Introducing Bennett the Falconer!

My son would like to grow up and train falcons for a living and catch them on his hands. This vocation was hugely popular in the Middle Ages - however, I'm not quite sure how he can use this skill in these post modern times. But Gavin does.

Gavin excited Bennett even more by declaring that he knew exactly where Bennett could put his skill to use in this metropolitan environment - at Medieval Times! Bennett had this far out look in his eyes like he could picture the whole thing. Then Gavin added whip cream and a cherry on top by telling him he could also be the Blue Knight and joust whenever he wasn't being a falconer.

It's just nice to know that my kids are thinking about the future! The world is at their fingertips. When you could be anything in the world you wanted to be - why not be a falconer?


Katrina said...

Ahh, the lost art of falconing! It's about time that made a comeback. :) Dream big, Bennett!

Jennifer said...

And, when Medieval Times becomes a bore, he can become part of the Renaissance Festival that comes to the outskirts of Houston each Fall! I am so glad to know that we will have the chance to visit Bennett at least once a year - when he grows up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cori, you'd actually be surprised at what kind of use there is for a falconer nowadays. In fact, here's just one example if Bennett also wants to throw in skydiving to the mix. :-)

Jennboree said...

Well, he could be a falconer at Fair Park, complete with Blue Knight costume (that would add some much needed flair to the show).

And at least he didn't say President. Who'd want that job? :)

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