Sep 2, 2008

Christmas Nymphs

This is how I was greeted by my children this morning. What does one say when one's children insist on dressing in such a manner, consider it fun, and even take themselves seriously in such a get-up? I was told that this was "The Elf Team" a new genre of Christmas superheroes. I don't know what else they do or what they're powers are - I was too busy rolling on the floor in laughter to hear all the details. Chloe and Bennett are both wearing homemade, crocheted Christmas outfits my Grandmother made for me over 30 years ago (and no, I do not plan on including a picture of myself in these beautiful handmade clothes. But it would make a fitting memoir, wouldn't it?). I don't think I really have anymore to say here...the picture speaks loud enough.

So....this is what my children do for fun...wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall in this house?


Jennboree said...

Bella wants to live your children.

Jennifer said...

I think I vaguely recognize the lovely green outfit that Bennett is wearing :) Seems like I've seen that someplace before...can't put my finger on it, exactly, but...

And yes, I've often wondered what the flies that visit your house tell their fly friends, because if you are willing to tell all of blogdom about some of your adventures, I cannot imagine what stories don't make the cut!

I wish my kiddos would take some lessons from yours about "making believe" and playing together, by themselves - you know, without me nagging & prompting & forcing them to! When they play together, they have a blast, but those times are so few & far between...I'm hoping to rectify that, but who knows whether it will ever happen.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Oh I love it! My kids have a lot of Elf photos on Christmas - this reminds me to post some of them soon (because Christmas is coming soon :)

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