Oct 16, 2008

Visual Imagery

Today the kids were informing me of what goes through their minds when they're sick. Not that anyone is currently sick...but we're bunch of hypochondriacs and random talking is all too common around here.

Here's Bennett's take: "Mom, whenever I get a bug, I always think of my white blood cells like the Dallas Cowboys and the virus like The Redskins, their evil enemy. It's a tough game, but the Cowboys always beat them. I also like to think of it like a battle and we're the guys in white and we're fighting the guys dressed in black, like the Egyptians or something."

The female version as seen in Chloe's mind: "Mommy, I always think that the white blood cells are like Cinderella and the bug is like the mean step-mother. I don't like her."

Surprisingly, mine and Gavin's mental image was the same: Pac-man.

So now you know...if we're ever sick, you know exactly what we're thinking.


Jennboree said...

I bet Jerry Jones would love Bennett's analogy! Maybe it would help the Cowboys not LOSE in sudden death.

I feel bad for step-mothers. They sure get a bad rap!

I'm with you & Gavin on the Pac-man though. Makes perfect sense!

Katrina said...

I'm with Bennett: I always picture a Braveheart type battle, where the technologically superior germs are outclassed by the determined and proud forces of the immune system.

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