Nov 9, 2008

No More Pedestal

Well...I knew the day would come eventually...I just didn't know Bennett would only be 7 when it did. After a whirl-wind weekend visiting with his newly married Uncle, Bennett came home with some news for me. He was sure to lavish me with much love before he dropped his bombshell. "Mom," he said real sweet with a little grin on his face, "you're beautiful. I mean, not as beautiful as Aunt Karen. I mean...she's REAL beautiful. But, you are loving."

That was it. I have officially been dethroned. But of all the people to loose my title to, I'm thrilled Aunt Karen will now be taking over the title of "Most Adored by Bennett". She is a sweetheart AND beautiful!

I may not be beautiful any more...I'm just glad I still have loving going for me.


Kelly said...

You know, I really like Bennett. I'm that honest myself - much to my husband's chagrin! You just wait until he's looking for a wife, if you think it's interesting now. He'll look for someone like you and want her to be like you and you'll be encouraging her that she's just fine in who she is...

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