Dec 3, 2008

Dress Up For Dinner Night...Again

I must admit...I wasn't totally thrilled about dressing up tonight. I didn't have my usual giddy excitement about me. Maybe it was because I had just spent the past 2 hours making dinner. Whatever it was, I just didn't have any creative flair going for me.

Chuck's brother and his wife, Karen were in town over Thanksgiving weekend and we had to introduce them to this most pleasurable Mallott family experience. They were they even had a choice. Gung-ho is the way to be when you're forced into doing something.

It was decided after much deliberation and voting that tonight's theme would be "Things Found In A Forest". Easy enough. We explained 'the rules' to John and Karen and let them at the costume box nestled in our closet. You never know what types of gems you might find in there. We directed them to where they would find a nice assortment of face paint and sent them on their way.

It turned out to be another wonderful dress up for dinner night. There's nothing quite like letting down your guard with those around you and enjoying a bit of light-hearted, carefree dress up time to spawn silly conversations at the dinner table.

These are the things you would find if you were to walk through the Mallott Forest at dinnertime:

A Chloe panther, A smiling Bennett Indian, a Gavin vampire bat, a John stream with a beaver building a dam at the head of the stream, a cute Karen lion, a Cori blackbird, and a Chuck lumberjack.


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