Jan 4, 2009

Lego Bliss

Can you say "obsessed"? I love this picture. It portrays their love affair with any and all things Lego. Lego marketing works my friends...at least on these suckers. They live for the day the new Lego catalog comes in the mail. The other day they were out front playing when I called outside to tell them they got their catalog in the mail. They instantly stopped what they were doing and layed in the grass together for over an hour perusing each and every page of the catalog. I failed to get a picture then, however. But the next day, while we were driving around town, I remembered. They study this thing like there's going to be a test on it at any minute. They know the cost of every single item in the catalog. They know how many pieces each item comes with. They know if it is a Lego catalog exclusive only or if you could also find it at Toys R Us and Target. They know what figures and how many come with each set. They 'name it and claim it' on each page. Each kid gets exclusive rights to which ever item they 'call' on that page first. I am absolutely amazed with the energy, effort, time, seriousness and adoration that goes into this activity. My only wish is that one of my children might one day become a Lego employee - that would be bliss my friends, pure bliss!


Jennifer said...

Alex spends hours with his Lego Bionicles. As soon as he gets a new one, the world stops and he engrosses himself into the task of putting it together. Drives me insane when I need him to focus on something else!

gem said...

Funney Funney! :)

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