Jun 16, 2010

Game Ideas

So...the kids are at the pool this afternoon swimming it up, having a blast. But then the inevitable happens, they run out of ideas of what to play. They know that if they complain to me, swim time is over. I can see them over in the corner of the pool brainstorming game ideas that would include all three of them. That's the greatest challenge - something that all three would enjoy. Suddenly, Chloe announces, "I've got it, boys! Let's play Bad Kid, Mommy and Daddy!" Bennett yells at the top of his lungs to claim the most coveted role, "I'll be the bad kid!" There are plenty of others around. They don't yet understand nor appreciate my children's knack for loud, narrative, play. When my kids play 'Bad Kid, Mommy and Daddy' they always do outlandish things (unfortunately, no, this is not the first time this game has been played), this tends to be how they act out things they'd never get away with in real life...evidently it's therapeutic for them.

So there are my 3, precious, offspring flouncing around gaily in the pool. Their volume is on MAXIMUM. This is their preferred level of speech when Mommy is only semi-close by because then Mommy will get the chance to hear everything they are saying and they wouldn't want me to miss out on all the fun. They are so considerate of me and my needs. Obviously the book I brought was no where near as entertaining as watching them play 'Bad Kid, Mommy and Daddy'.

To jump start this game, Bennett yells, "HEY GUYS, I'LL BE CHAINED TO MY BED WHILE YOU GUYS GO OUT TO A RESTAURANT!!!" as he's entwining himself amongst the railing on the pool steps. "OH YA - AND I'M ONLY 5!"

There are many, many things going thru my mind at this point. I'd like to think that maybe I'm just hallucinating from the hot, hot sun, but alas, my children are right there, ever before me with all the loudness they can muster. Then I start wondering how many other pool patrons heard Bennett - probably all of them since he was screaming. What must they think of my mothering skills? Do they think that this child got this idea in his head from personal experience? Where would a kid come up with such a ridiculous idea? Should I laugh loud enough for the others to hear me or should I play stunned, like I can't imagine my son would even suggest such a hideous idea? Such a quandary.

In the end, I did what I always do...laughed to myself, made a mental note to remember it so I could blog about it and then went on sunbathing like we are a perfectly normal family.


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