Jul 2, 2010


On Father's Day, the only thing Chuck really wanted to do was have some Wrestle Mania time. He even had it all planned out in his head. Who am I to deny this little pleasure? Especially if I don't have to plan, participate in or organize anything?

Come to find out Wrestle Mania 2010 consisted of dragging Chloe's queen-size mattress into the gameroom, outlining the perimeter of it with as many pillows as you can find in the house (for safety reasons, of course) and then knocking each other over time and time again. I really have a hard time translating any of that into 'fun' - but every other member of my family saw it as such and were giddy with excitement.

I avoided the area like the plague. I knew someone (Bennett) was going to get hurt and I didn't want to be around to witness it. I would know the instant I heard the piggy squeal. But the laughter persisted...and I was drawn like a moth to a flame. I picked up the video camera and entered with caution.

It seems that there was some sort of tag team action going on. Daddy and Chloe being one team and Bennett and Gavin being the other. All one had to do was tag the other person if they found themselves in the midst of 'trouble' and then a new team member would resume the fight for their life with Daddy and/or Chloe. In order to win, one had to peg their opponent's shoulders down for 3 seconds.

Daddy is having a hay-day, he's in his element. At one point, he and Bennett were in the throes of a good match when Bennett yells out, "Daddy, don't hurt my coordinates!"


Bennett is known for renaming lots of his body parts with more creative, descriptive sounding names, but I'd never heard this one before. He eventually takes a break from his all important mission of trying to pin Daddy down (do you think any of the kids were able to accomplish this feat?) and explains, "That is where my legs attach. I don't want Daddy to stretch them out."

Unfortunately, that makes perfect sense...which I'd have thought of it.


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