Nov 2, 2010

Be Careful What You Teach

These would be my childrens' favorite chip alternative. You see, we've been studying about nutritious eating, servings per ounce, calories per serving, cost per serving...all that fun stuff. I had no clue how literal my children would take all this. Now they read the labels on every food item in the house. That can have good and bad consequences. Bad for me when they read what I'm eating and come to me and say rather loudly, "MOM!!! DO YOU REALIZE YOU'RE EATING 500 CALORIES RIGHT NOW!" Thanks for that. I was trying to ignore that little fact and just enjoy the taste. Every day at lunch, these same people count out EXACTLY 17 crackers in order to get only 90 calories from their 'chip' consumption for the day. Oh...they know how to read a box. I did NOT teach them to do that. I do not do that. I just teach the concepts, they decide when and where they want to apply them to life. Don't even get me started in their quest for finding "high fructose corn syrup" on every box in the grocery store. Or the search for GMOs in every box not labeled 'organic'. Life is fun around here.


Jennifer said...

That is so funny :) I haven't taught my kids that concept yet - I like to "enjoy" my splurges without being guilted about them. Altho Alex does check every label for MSG - God help us if he finds it! Every time he's stumbled across it, he's freaked out on us, LOL :) I can thank Michael for that one....altho I try to stay away from it, it does occasionally slip through. And HFCS is another BIG no no for us, altho he doesn't usually check the labels for it...yet!

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